This tutorial shows how POFController and POFSwitch work together. It indicates a Flexible Protocol (FP) unicast use case step by step which let you learn more about POF. Here is a video to show the process of this tutorial. We recommend that you should read this tutorial first before watching the video.


Environment        (Hide/Show)

Install POFController        (Hide/Show)

Install POFSwitch        (Hide/Show)

Install Server/Client        (Hide/Show)

FP protocol        (Hide/Show)


If you have already finished the preparatory work and there is nothing wrong, you can start this FP unicast use case. The process of the use case has been shown simply in the picture below.


Connect POFController and POFSwitch        (Hide/Show)

Add Flow Table Using POFController        (Hide/Show)

Send FP packet to POFSwitch        (Hide/Show)

Receive FP packet from POFSwitch        (Hide/Show)

Analyze the FP Forwarding        (Hide/Show)


l  Log print needs time, so we recommend that Server sends FP packet to POFSwitch slowly in debug mode. If you want to send packet faster, please disable debug.

l  Beside the FP packet specified in this tutorial, Server can send FP packet with some else DIP. In this case, the packet doesn’t find the matched flow entry in the FP Flow Table, so POFSwitch will drop the packet instead forwarding. You also can add more flow table and flow entry to perform different process.

l  This tutorial is a simply use case. If you want to get more information, please check the documents.