POFSwitch-1.3.4 Released!

Guys, POFSwitch-1.3.4 Released today!
Just try it!

pofswitch-1.3.4 2014-01-08

1. Print state information after unning POFSwitch. Users can also use “-s –state” option and “state” pof command to print state information.

2. Fix bug about CALCULATE_CHECKSUM log print.

3. Change the packet-length field in METADATA from local byte order to network byte order.

4. Add pof command: enable_promisc and disable_promisc, which can enable and disable promisc mode. Users can also enable or disable promisc mode using “./configure –disable-promisc”.

5. Fix bug that packet to send out will be received loopback if port is enable.

6. Fix bug about getting port information. Thanks Sergio for reporting bug and offering the diff file.

Download here: DOWNLOAD