Principle and Implementation of POF

Principle and Implementation of POF.pdf describes the basic principle of Protocol Oblivious For-warding including abstraction of protocol fields, forwarding instructions, forwarding procedure, and configuration of flow tables. It also describes the implementation of POF and introduces howPOF devices interoperates with stand openflow controller. Finally it identified the challenges.

Link:  Principle_and_Implementation_of_POF.pdf

POFController Introduction

POFController Introduction.pdf introduces how to install and run POFController and describes the main POF modules in POFController.

Link: POFController_Introduction.pdf

POFSwitch Introduction

POFSwitch Introduction introduces how to install  and run POFSwitch with different configure arguments.

Link: POFSwitch_Introduction.pdf

User Manual

User Manual.pdf introduces the configurations in POFController GUI panels for each features, including configure packet type, table, entry with instructions and actions, etc.It provides three step by step use cases to deploy exist packet process and user-defined new packet process via POFController and POFSwitch. After these hands on experiments, we hope user could understand more about Procotol Oblivious Forwarding.

Link: User_Manual_for_POF_Controller.pdf